Career Network Associates offers innovative career and placement services. Research has demonstrated that approximately 80% of the available job openings are never listed or advertised . The successful job applicant needs to explore the HIDDEN JOB MARKET. The Hidden-job market consists of a large network of job openings that are normally not visible to the ordinary job seeker. To locate these jobs, unique techniques must be used and alternative application processes utilized.

We differ from the traditional employment services by not bringing you the usual job openings listed on the multiple employment sites. Applying for jobs in this manner pits you against thousands of other applicants for a limited number of jobs. By using our site you can still explore the current job openings, but we also provide a way to locate and qualify for the jobs not visible to the normal job applicant.

We all have pre-conceptions about the types of companies we want to work for. Some industries are not consistent with our values and philosophies. Applying to work for such employers will often result in disappointment as corporate philosophies clash with our personal values. By using our job-searching system, you will identify the “company/corporate cultures” that are consistent with your own values. We will also demonstrate alternative ways to submit your application to the most appropriate hiring authority, avoiding the normal Personnel Department which is inundated with applications.

There is no charge to use the basic services of our site. The only change is if you choose enhanced job -search assistance.